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Directed AND edited:

What doesn't kill me - a feature documentary

Director: Rachel Meyrick​

Agency:  Everybody Films Ltd

Broadcast:  2017

A shocking and inspiring feature documentary currently available in the US via Women Make Movies, about domestic violence and the battle for child custody in the America today.  

Camera: Rachel Meyrick / Laura Mcgann

Editor: Rachel Meyrick

Executive Producers: John Sidaway / Sam Sneade



ROVI commercials - 1x 120sec  7 x 30sec

These commericals for Rovi were a from an ad campaign which I shot in New York in 2011. See below for some of the others.

Camera: Nico  Tavernise

Editor: Rachel Meyrick

Music: Joe Bailey


Director: Rachel Meyrick

Agency:  Heavenly

Broadcast:  USA only

This 2 minute film was commissioned directly by The Young Foundation to show the struggles the public have with understanding net zero and what it actually means to them.     It was shown at COP26.

The Young Foundation for COP26

Director:  Rachel Meyrick

Client:  The Young Foundation 

Broadcast:  at COP26

An 80 sec film to launch the new name of blood cancer charity Bloodwise, October 2015. I worked alongside the branding agency, Undivided, to create a series of short commercials to launch the name and promote the charity.

Produced, shot and directed by Rachel Meyrick.






Director:  Rachel Meyrick

Agency:  Undivided Agency

Broadcast:  Online 2015


Director: Rachel Meyrick​

Agency:  Undivided Agency

Broadcast:  Online 2017

A 4 min 50 sec film to launch a rebranded company NEWABLE using cases studies and interviews.

Camera: Rachel  Meyrick

Editor: Rachel Meyrick



Director:  Rachel Meyrick

Agency:  Heavenly

Broadcast:  Online

This is a 6 min film made for Cancer Research UK.  They needed a film targeted at potential sponsors to raise funds to build the Francis Crick Institute in London.  Shot on DSLR using branding for the campaign from Heavenly and animation from Ray Lewis.

It is an example of explaining a complex idea that has human as well as scientific appeal.

Camera: Ray Lewis

Editor: Rachel Meyrick



FILM SCHOOL FOR st Vincent & the Grenadines

This is a short film explaining the film school I set up for underprivileged kids in St. Vincent and the Grenadines in 2012. I obtained funding via Worldview which allowed the set up of the film school and I spent time filming the whole thing as I taught and ran the school.


Director:  Rachel Meyrick

Funded by:  Worldview 

Genre:  Family

This is an annual Bike event held by the Black Label Bike Club in Brooklyn, New York.

Winner of Audience award at the Brooklyn Underground Film Festival 2006.

It's had over 500,000 hits on YouTube in 2005.

Director:  Rachel Meyrick

Event:  Bike Kill 2005

Hits:  Maxed out .mac account​ at 250,00, now 250,000 on YouTube


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