About me


I started in commercials with Sam Sneade in 1995.

I went on to cut many commercials, a couple of feature films (Love, Honour and Obey 2000 and Cloud Cuckoo Land, 2004).  I then did various things with Rem Koolhaas, Miuccia Prada and lots of charities.

Now I am mostly found cutting or shooting documentaries.  

My first feature film "What Doesn't Kill Me", a documentary about domestic violence and the battle forchild custody being distributed in the US. This picture, left,  is me with the main character, Miss Charlotta Harrison.

I have just completed editing Jason Barker's first feature "A Deal with the Universe".

I have full DSLR kit and can shoot whatever needs shooting.  

I cut on Premiere or Avid, I know some wicked AFX artists, composers and sound engineers.

You want to ask someone about me, try Jel Groman at Firecracker films or Sam Sneade at Speade.