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Job:  The Contestant - a feature documentary film

Premiering at TIFF Sept 2023

Director:  Clair Titley

For:  Misfits Entertainment, MRC Studios, Hulu

The incredible true story of a man who lived for 15 months trapped inside a small room, naked, starving and alone… and completely unaware that his life was being broadcast on national TV to over 17 million viewers a week. TRAILER HERE


Job:  The Organic Terrorist - a feature documentary film

Theatrical release TBC 2024

Director:  Megumi Inman

Can a sake brewer save a village from extinction?

Job:  A Deal with the Universe - a feature documentary film

Theatrical release April 2019

Director:  Jason Barker

For:  Delaval Films for BFI, Sharpe House, Lush

Autobiographical documentary from Transgender filmmaker Jason Barker telling the story of a very different kind of pregnancy.

Earlier work (much earlier)                                           

Job:  Jenson Button' Tokyo, Step Inside the Circuit - 5 mins

Director:  Jel Groman

For:  Firecracker Films for Johnnie Walker

Job:  Born Survivor: The Alps - 50 mins

Director:  Matt Dickinson

For:  Keo Films

Job:  Love, Honour and Obey, 2000 - 103 mins

Director:  Dominic Anciano and Ray Burdis

For:  BBC films

Job:  The Lunch Lady, 1998

Director:  Leslie Mello

The one that started it all: my first doc edit about a viral phone line

Job:  Going to Extremes: Kazakhstan - 40 mins

Director:  Matt Dickinson

For:  Keo Films

Job:  Bath Half Marathon 2016 - 6 mins

Director:  *SPEED EDITED OVERNIGHT, no director

For:  Suited & Booted

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